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Self Care

Self Care
Healing your teeth is all about taking care of yourself. In natural ecological systems, far away from people, it's easy to see how nature provides for all his creatures. Plants and animals, as a rule, there is plenty of food and nutrients, and they do not suffer from the relentless tension. Although we are also part of nature, design and structure of our civilization is built on the belief systems of deprivation, competition for resources, and operation and not on faith in abundance for all.and not to give, and our society accepts, and then it takes longer. The construction of our buildings, systems of transport and take a huge amount of resources to build and maintain. The government takes our money in taxes, and we can ask how that money is used for the formation and support of citizens and social networks.

All this is disharmonious, intense and destructive. Society and the world, many of us live in makes it difficult for us to relax.

If we can relax, however, we find it much easier to take care of yourself. Taking care of yourself in accordance with the law of personal responsibility. If you feel unwell, deserves, or unhappy, it will be difficult to take care of yourself and give your body the food that it needs. When you are really ready and able to take care of yourself, you will be able to find healing. Allow yourself space for your needs, it is important to take excellent care of myself...
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