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Teeth Whitening At the Dentist's and At Home

Teeth Whitening At the Dentist's and At Home
Healthy indigenous people naturally white teeth, even without cleaning. One reader after reading my book went sugar for one year. By the end of this year time period, the reader teeth went from light yellow to bright white. Not everyone gets very white teeth by following the advice in this book. The discolored teeth for two main reasons. One reason is in the diet can leave stains on teeth, for example, greens, black tea or coffee. Another type of tooth discolor yellow teeth. I believe that this form of tooth jaundice. This means that your body is slightly toxic, and your liver is not functioning optimally. As your liver gets healthy with a healthy diet, exercise and medical treatments, such as herbs, teeth can gradually become whiter. There are various teeth whitening treatment is available at your dentist. Some of them are relatively safe, while other removal of healthy tooth structure.
Based on the principle of selection of the least invasive treatment of your teeth as possible, you should avoid any teeth whitening material that contains any type of acid etching or compound, and avoid all types of porcelain laminates. Avoid any whitening procedure, which includes any drilling or destruction of healthy enamel. To request your dentist before you send in any teeth whitening procedure, will not be acid or etching materials.

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