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The Effect of Oats on Children's Teeth

Oats tooth decay
It is not only in animal experiments that the teeth apart from the consumption of whole grains. The doctor may Mellanby has published several articles in the prestigious British medical journal about food and caries with 1924-1932. Several studies have been done to show the effect of oatmeal and fat-soluble vitamins for children's teeth. The children were many cavities. Grain-free diet high in fat, fat-soluble vitamins A and D from cod liver oil gave the best results, in fact, no new formation of cavities. These grain-free children also showed signs of their rotten teeth remineralization. Tooth-treatment, diet included milk, meat, eggs, butter, potatoes and cod liver oil.

Accidentally doctor J.D. Boyd heal diabetic children rotten teeth designing grain salt-free diet. The diet should manage diabetes not only not ceased, cavities he turned soft enamel of the teeth hard and shiny.

These data were published in 1928 in the journal of the American medical Association. Dr. Boyd food consisted of milk, cream, butter, eggs, meat, cod liver oil, vegetables and fruits. Note that both doctors Mellanby and Dr. Boyd tooth remineralization diet come from those times when the milk, butter and cream were raw, fresh and grass fed.

Meanwhile, in the other two used in the experiments of Dr. Mellanby low fat, salt-uble vitamin a and D diet with the addition of overhead transmission lines to 1 Cup of oatmeal in a day produced an average of six new cavities per child during the trial period. Their pre-existing cavities, healing anyway. Diet with less oatmeal and some fat-soluble vitamins produced an average of four and a half of new cavities per child, with some of the existing cavities healing during the experiment. The take-home message from these experiments is that oatmeal is having a damaging effect on teeth, and that the maximum amount of bone growth and teeth remineralization in these studies had happened with grain-free diet.

As Edward and can Mellanby long-term studies show that oatmeal is far more potent than any other grain studied with mineralization of teeth. Intermediate intervention mineralization of teeth is made from corn, rye, barley and rice. Wheat germ, corn germ and other cereal germs "damaging effect on teeth. White flour interferes least with tooth mineralization.141 white flour, which is not to interfere so much with mineralization teeth corresponds Weston price, used in the experiments discussed in Chapter two, in which the cavity covered pupils ate twice a day, consisting of white flour, and one great once a day, with nutrients products. Even if the consumption of white flour children all became immune to the cavity of the tooth. In human nutrient absorption experiments in the diet of mainly rye flour (8% grain solid removed) calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and potassium were completely absorbed less than more refined flour (from 21% grain solid removed). If white flour intervened least remineralization of tooth you might ask, why native people in the white flour diet succumbed caries. The answer is that white flour in General, or to replace it with more nutritious food or that in low-mineral, high sugar diet, white flour was harmful for teeth. White flour has been absorbed head cod, cod liver oil, or raw milk, cheese, the results will be different. (Note: I am not a supporter of white flour consumption). And white flour consume, as a rule, with sugar in the form of cakes or Jam and jelly on toast.

A long chain of beliefs that have led to the conclusion that modern whole grains, healthy, that is, without looking at the full body of evidence. Problems observed with whole grains, primarily lie in the toxic properties doctor Mellanby revealed living in the bran and germ. Grain toxicity then exponentially increased by the lack of vitamins a and D in the diet, which protect against the grain of toxins. Conversely, overly processed and incorrectly processed grain, especially white flour, have their own set of health effects. The answer to healthy grain consumption, is in the middle of the earth is not overly processed and not to shoot...

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