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The Miracle of Vitamin D

The Miracle of Vitamin D
Phosphorus, calcium and our hormones all have something in common. They have fat-soluble fat-soluble vitamin D. vitamin D is a hormone than vitamin. Strange as it may sound, our bodies have developed a biological need for hormones. Fat-soluble vitamin D, you must balance the ratio of calcium and phosphorus in the blood to stop tooth decay.

Professor and doctor Edward Mellanby England famous Explorer who discovered vitamin D. he and his wife can Mellanby did extensive research on caries, which included decades, used in experiments on animals and humans.

We need fat-soluble vitamins A and D to our cells to develop osteocalcin-protein responsible for the deposition of calcium and phosphorus in bones. Dr. price found that contemporary people suffer from caries, because modern diet severely lacking fat-soluble vitamins. To treat caries many people just have to add these vitamins are back in their diet.

Consideration of vitamin D Chart shows a few things. Seafood is a good source of vitamin D. for those who do not have adequate access to seafood, fat seems to be a dense source of vitamin D. however, in nutrition, fat does not produce the same anti-cavity effect, as did the fat (beef fat of cow fat). Fermented cod liver oil is the most powerful source for a full range of fat-soluble vitamin D. for vegetarians, consumption of moderate amounts of oil and chicken eggs is unlikely to provide adequate fat-soluble vitamin D. however, adding green pastures in the butter, and free ranging ducks eggs, most likely, will provide a large amount of vitamin D...
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