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Tooth Drilling

Tooth Drilling
In drilling the usual procedure dentists will use high speed drilling, because it saves time, which drills as quickly as 350 000 rpm. High speed drilling creates a lot of friction and increases the temperature of the tooth nerve causes irreversible nerve damage in 60% of cases. Moreover, the negative pressure vacuum with high speed destroys part fragile microscopic nutritional tubes inside of each tooth.

In the 1800's dentists originally used gold in a careful way to fill the patients teeth with cavities. But the gold was too expensive for most people to afford, for example, paying the equivalent of $10,000 for one filling today. With dentistry was unaffordable for many people in the 1830-ies Crawcour brothers made its way from France to the United States to promote a low gold price alternative - bell putty. With bells putty, which consisted of molten silver coin, mixed with mercury, they could fill your teeth for two minutes, and drilling was not required.2 while effective in the short term, mercury is highly toxic, and many discolored teeth or died3 not to mention other side effects that were caused by exposure to mercury.

Dentists who posted by mercury fillings called quaks (or charlatans) after the old Dutch word for noisy peddler selling containing mercury, health potions and balsams: Quacksalber.

Economy mercury fillings instead of gold has triumphed and the American society of dental surgeons collapsed to 1856. In 1899, the American dental Association came to encourage the use of mercury-Laden fillings. In 1896 the fate of our teeth changed forever with the work of the dentist, GV, black. This method, although some variations in modern conditions is the basis of modern dentistry. GV, black "innovation" is drilling away all discolored tooth, and then create a wedge-shaped inside the tooth to accommodate mercury, which would remain safe. In other words, dentists teach drill big holes in the teeth because it is what works best with mercury fillings. This procedure has been enshrined in the program are taught in dental education institutions, dentists, were enthusiastically drilling parts of our teeth, not rotted, or that may remineralization, over the last hundred years. The problem with the expansion of prevention" is that we lose healthy tooth structure.

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