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Toxic Dentistry

Toxic Dentistry
Ordinary dentists to drill holes in the teeth, in exchange for money, and then put a poisonous substance into the mouth (mercury fillings) to prevent bacteria to make a hole in the teeth.

Conventional dentistry is so bad that many conscientious doctors are doing all they can to get the word out to the public. Most dentists who have become globally oriented don't even start with holistic thinking., as a rule, their transformation was inspired after a painful Wake-up call, such as your own symptoms of mercury poisoning, or dentist sees the terrible result of their poor dental care failure to comply with their patients, or yourself. As a result, many dentists who see the problems inherent in traditional dentistry feel remorse for his years in the practice of toxic dentistry.

And some dentists who feel a responsibility to prevent the shameful practice of modern dentistry continue to do good efforts to raise awareness about the diseases caused dentistry. Some of them were even written books, in order to inform the public about the extreme dangers that may be lurking in our mouths. These books are a valuable additional reading this, especially if you want to know more about the problems with dental Materials and dentistry...

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