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How to choose a good dentist and a clinic?

How to choose a good dentist?
What should one be guided by when choosing a dentist? Whom should one entrust his teeth with? Is it better to turn to an experienced professor or a gifted specialist using new technologies? Unfortunately there is no universal answer.

We can only give some recommendations to be followed while choosing a doctor or a clinic:

  • A doctor must have much experience in the orthodontic sphere. To make your choice you may ask the dentist: "How many people are you treating today?"
  • In most cases it is possible to choose one out of some systems of brackets and the doctor has to recommend the one that best suits your needs.
  • Mind that before you start treatment it is necessary to make an X-ray examination of teeth, make dental models, and photograph the face and the teeth. If you were not asked to undergo minimal diagnosing think again about your choice.
  • A doctor who promises to cure you in less than half a year is most probably telling lies.
  • A doctor must inform you about the careful mouth cavity hygiene and regular cleaning of teeth.
  • Instruments used in orthodontic treatment are not cheap and some clinics begin to save on materials.
    All materials must be taken out of a sterile package.

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