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Nuances of orthodontic therapy

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It is necessary to know some nuances of orthodontic treatment that presupposes using brackets. The main aspect of using this system is a very careful hygiene of the mouth cavity. After the doctor installs brackets the patient may have some problems with cleaning his teeth. Do not worry as the dentist will show you how to clean your teeth properly. Any dentist can tell you how to keep the brackets and teeth clean.

It is forbidden to treat teeth with the help of brackets if you have allergy, mental diseases and severe periodontitis.

Aesthetically beautiful and even teeth are an integral part of any successful modern person. Most people resent the idea of wearing brackets for 1,5 years. Somehow they think it is not aesthetic. They are wrong. Brackets can have bright decorations and create an unforgettable impression. The case of Cindy Crawford is a bright example. She would wear brackets on the podium and did not feel shy. She knew that a shiny smile was exactly what she lacked.

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