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Transparent gum shields. What do you know about the Invisalign methods?

Gum shields dentist
The Internet technologies are a new visiting card of modern clinics and dentists. The Invisalign» method consists in making individual transparent gum shielders. The whole process from beginning to end is carried out by a computer. The dentist has to give his assent and receive the ready gum shielders. It may sound impossible though in fact it is all real. You will just need a special dental model and a series of special photos.

After that the dentist sends all information to California, to a unique «Invisalign» laboratory. There gum shielders are made with the help of laser technologies. The ready gum shielders will be sent to your clinic. They do not have disadvantages of metal brackets. Gum shielders are barely visible. You can clean your teeth the way you are used to because you can simply remove the gum shielder. You will not have unpleasant feelings while eating as well.

The only minus of this method is its price. Using gum shielders is much more expensive than using simple systems of brackets. It is not easy to have a bright smile and healthy teeth. Though it is worth trying because all difficulties are temporary while the result is for ever.

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