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Fracture of the wall of the tooth – split of the wall of the tooth

Even though healthy teeth are solid and can endure huge loads sometimes integrity of the root or the crown of the tooth can be broken. Generally there are 4 types of splits of the tooth: split of dental enamel, split of dentine (pulp is not exposed), split of dentine with exposed pulp, and fracture of the root of the tooth.

The first symptoms of the split of the tooth are: pain (increases when you open your mouth), signs if injury of the dental bed. Split of dental enamel can cause another symptom slight pain caused by a touch. Split of dentine when the pulp is not exposed causes acute but still bearable pain. Split of dentine with exposed pulp causes severe pain that increases with every attempt to open your mouth. Any dental split is generally an unpleasant thing but the main thing in this case is to treat it in time and according to the type of the split.

In cases when the pulp is exposed or when it is exposed and the split is complicated by inflammation, vital pulpectomy is used is the most effective method of treatment.

The essence of this procedure is in field anesthesia. In case of fracture of the root of the tooth it has to be removed. In case of split of dental enamel and dentine some cosmetic procedures will be enough to restore the aesthetic outlook of the tooth. Eventually, nowadays there are almost no dental diseases that cannot be treated. The main thing is to turn to dentist in time.

It is worth mentioning that in case of split of dental crown the chances to preserve the tooth are very high.

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