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Non-observance of dental restoration guides

Modern fillings are to meet a series of requirements. A filling must be durable, safe for dental tissues as well as for the whole organism, and inconspicuous. These are only the basic requirements though there are many other to be observed by manufacturers and dentists.

It is important to know that the process of filling teeth cannot be done by guesswork. There is a definite technique every dentist must observe. Otherwise dental fracture is possible. One of the most common mistakes of dentists consists in using too much composite material at once. The thing is that filling material must be introduced into the tooth in small portions. It is necessary to fit the filling after each portion of composite material was introduced. All this is done to improve the adhesion of the filling. Only in this case your filling will be durable. Another possible problem connected with non-observance of guides to restoration of teeth is filling corrosion. It can be caused by improper fitting or polishing of the filling. In this case it is likely that the filling will simply fall out.

If the filling is too big and the wall of the tooth is thin, the wall of the tooth may split. This problem is caused by irregular expansion of metal and dental tissues.

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