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Parodontal abscess complicated by periostitis

Parodontal abscess is a fluctuating swelling of the attached gum. It has clear contours and semicircular shape. It can be developing through the mucogingival border up to the upper vestibulum. Parodontal abscess is usually caused by marginal periodontitis. Every medical student knows that if parodontal abscess is not treated in time and properly, melting of oral mucosa is inevitable. Then pus will flow through the newly formed sinus tract. There are cases when parodontal abscess is complicated by periostitis.

Periostitis is an inflammation of periosteum. In most cases the disease is located in the outer or in the inner layer of periosteum. However, it will soon affect all layers. Since periosteum is closely connected with bone tissue, inflammation of periosteum can cause osteoperiostitis (simultaneous inflammation of bone tissue and periosteum). Such complicated cases demand immediate reaction and special treatment.

How to treat periostitis?

It is a lasting process that presupposes using different methods and techniques. In most cases it is necessary to extract the sore tooth. Then the dentist will lance an abscess, located under the periosteum and make a way for pus outflow. This is followed by medicamental treatment and physiotherapy that includes laser therapy and medical ionization.
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