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Parodontal abscess

Parodontal abscess is a suppurative inflammation that leads to formation of numerous nidi. In fact, abscess is a cavity filled with pus. Parodontal abscess is an abscess located in gums.

What factors can cause parodontal abscess?

The main cause of parodontal abscess is a kind of infection that affects tissues of dentogingival recess (space between jaw-bone and root of tooth). Dentogingival recess itself is not normal. There must be no spaces between jaw-bone and roots of teeth. However, the formation of dentogingival recess can be caused by some stomatological diseases like periodontitis. Chronic trauma of gum can also lead to formation of such recess. Traumas of gums are usually the result of using low-quality or improperly made dental crowns or overhanging edge of filling.

Parodontal recess is a perfect place for pathogenic bacteria. Infections will first of all affect the weak tissues of parodontal recess and then spread to other tissues. The immune system will try to fight the infection, exhausting itself.

The nidus of inflammation contains remnants of necrotic tissues, leucocytes, and blood serum. This mixture is simply called pus. Parodontal recess and pus in it are the two things that make up parodontal abscess.

Symptoms f parodontal abscess: At initial stages of its development, parodontal abscess looks like a prominence on the gum. Any attempt to touch it causes pain. Chewing and pressure on the gum are the two things that can make pain barely tolerable. Moreover, parodontal abscess can make one or more teeth moveable. There is a possibility that pus will ooze out of the gum near the abscess.

General condition of health becomes worse. One may have fever. There are cases when abscess opens without medical assistance. After that prominence on the gum will either disappear completely, or will become significantly smaller.

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