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Pericoronitis complicated by periostitis

Pericoronitis is an inflammatory process of gum tissues that surround wisdom tooth. Everything begins when the wisdom tooth erupts. The process itself is far from pleasant though all people will have to experience it sooner or later. Feelings caused by eruption of wisdom teeth are very individual. Some people suffer severe pain while other people barely notice the process. Pericoronitis does not necessarily follow wisdom tooth eruption. The disease begins when the wisdom tooth starts pressing other teeth.

The main symptoms of pericoronitis are: purulent discharges, pain caused by swallowing or opening the mouth, constantly increasing pain spreading towards the temples.

How to treat pericoronitis?

Pericoronitis is treated with the help of excision of mucous membrane. However,relapse of the disease demands completely different methods of treatment. The only way to solve the problem is to remove he tooth. In most cases the most effective method of treatment is elimination of the main cause of the problem erupted tooth.

There are many cases when pericoronitis is complicated by periostitis (inflammation of periosteum).

The source of imflammation is usually located in the outer or inner layers of periosteum. Soon they start affecting other layers. Because periosteum is closely connected with the bone, osteoperiostitis (simultaneous inflammation of periosteum and jaw bone) starts developing.

How to treat periostitis?

Treatment of pericoronitis must be complex. In most cases it is necessary to remove the tooth, lance an abscess under the periosteum, and make a way for pus outflow. This is followed by medicamental therapy and physiotherapy that includes laser therapy and medical ionization.
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