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Sealants: new methods of caries prevention?

Sealants for roof
Dental sealants are numerous synthetic resin containing acrylates. Acrylates are used worldwide to prevent dental caries. Prevention consists in covering the sulci of every masticatory tooth (aka fissures) with the help of sealants.

Nowadays dentist consider using sealants the only way to prevent sulci caries though the process itself is very difficult.

How to prevent caries with the help of sealants?

The main reason of caries is a soft dental deposit made up of food debris, polysaccharides and bacteria. The longer dental deposit remains on teeth the more likely you will have caries. We clean our teeth every day to remove this very dental deposit. But the task to remove dental deposit from masticatory teeth is more difficult. The reason is in their structure. Masticatory teeth sulci are very narrow and no toothbrush can clean the fissures properly.
Moreover, the enamel at the bottom of fissures is thiner than the one covering the rest of the tooth. Caries can destroy the enamel and tooth tissues faster. The dentist fills the sulci of every masticatory tooth with the sealant so that the surface becomes even. After that it is easier to remove soft dental deposit and the risk to have caries is lowered.

In what age should one use sealants?

It is better to prevent caries in the childhood. While you are teaching your child to clean his teeth caries can be ruining his teeth and effecting inner tissues. You can use water sealants as soon as the grinding surface of the teeth comes out. Sometimes grown-ups decide to use sylants. Eventually the choice as for using sealants can be made only by an experienced dentist.

For how long can one use sealants?

Qualitatively installed spray sealants can be used for 3-5 years. When you use sealants your teeth are maximally protected from caries. There are cases when sealants fall out of fissures and be damaged. In this case turn to your dentist immediately because silicone sealants can be installed for the second time.

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