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Tremas of teeth

What is trema? There is an average size of human teeth but sometimes people have too small teeth to fit their jaw. Then gaps between teeth may appear. The smaller one`s teeth are, the bigger the gaps are that`s the rule. Such gaps between teeth are called tremas.

Dentists differentiate between two types of tremas pathological and physiological. Physiological tremas are natural in their origin. Such tremas are observed when children start losing their milk teeth. Every child at the age of 5-6 has tremas. If he does not, it makes good sense to consult a dentist and undergo some correction procedures. Tremas of less that 0,7mm are considered to be normal. However, if trema is more than 1mm, it is definitely a signal of some pathology. Usually it is connected with pathologies of maxillofacial bones like supernumerary teeth, microdontia, protrusion of front teeth and other similar deformations.

Tremas of middle-aged and elderly people are considered to be pathological as they are the symptoms of developing destructive process in paradentium.

Tremas appear because alveolar bone tissue decreases and teeth change their normal position. Sometimes tremas can be caused by jaw tumor.

How to treat tremas?

In most cases orthodontic care is used. However, there are cases when surgical treatment is the only possible way to solve the problem. Sometimes (mostly with aged people) these methods may turn out to be not effective. Then the only way out is to use artificial dental crowns. They will let you preserve the aesthetic outlook of teeth as well as their functions.
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