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What is professional hygiene of the mouth cavity and the way it is conducted?

Mouth cavity
Professional hygiene of mouth cavity that consists in removal of soft dental calculus and plaque is an inevitable stage of dentist remedial measures. But this procedure can be conducted only by a dentist or by a hygienist.

First of all they remove dental calculus, then pigmented dental deposit. Finally the dentist covers teeth with a special fluorine-containing lacquer. Dental deposits can be removed in different ways.

The most effective way to remove dental deposit is using an ultrasonic instrument (scaler) or by manual instruments. An ultrasonic scaler creates vibrating movements and as a result dental deposits are removed. Next goes the procedure of removing pigmented dental deposit. For this purpose powder-jet influence Air-flow is used. Air-flow is a directed jet of spray containing water and abrasive materials used to remove dark dental deposits.

The teeth become 2 tones lighter but this effect is not forever. After all these procedures the dentist covers the teeth with a fluorine-containing lacquer or gel to prevent hypersensitivity of the enamel. The whole procedure takes 30 - 90 minutes. To avoid problems with the mouth cavity do not forget about hygiene and see your dentist regularly. If needed, he will conduct professional cleaning of the mouth cavity. Then you will be able to smile freely and be proud of your healthy smile!

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