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How to carry out dental prosthetics with the help of ceramic veneers?

A nice, shiny and attractive smile was, is, and will always be valued as an important element of beauty and charm. The first thing people usually notice is the smile. Nothing can be minor and not important when it comes to the smile. Color and shape of your teeth are of great importance. The same criteria are used by dentists whose job is to make our smiles unforgettable. There are many different factors that can influence health and condition of teeth. Diseases like enamel hypoplasia, fluorosis, wedge-shaped defect, deleterious effect of conditions of work, blood system abnormalities of the gastrointestinal tract, and even if you took your medicines in a wrong way all these factors can influence the way our smile looks like.

Nowadays there are many methods and technologies in dentistry that can make our teeth look better and healthier. It is possible to eliminate almost any defects like change of form and color of teeth, odontoschisms, darkening of fillings and other factors that can make your smile less attractive.

The technologies used to improve your teeth include using of veneers and veneer covers. Veneers are thin plates of porcelain adjusted to the front part of your teeth. This is one of the ways to make your smile look excellent.

Using porcelain veneers is probably the best way to make your smile shiny and unforgettable. Installation of veneers does not demand any serious medical intervention. The dentist will only have to grind off about 0,5 millimeters of the dental cover. This method is more conservative that the one that presupposes using dental crowns to restore the outlook of teeth. You can completely change your teeth with the help of veneers. You can change the size, the color, and the shape of the tooth. Of course, this is not the only method that can make your teeth look nice again. Still, it is the most convenient and the fastest way.

It makes sense to use veneers either when the front teeth are ruined or when they have changed their color. Veneers will give your teeth the shape and the color you want. Moreover, veneers will protect your teeth. Veneers are made considering the shape, the color of your teeth, and your wishes. Veneers perform an aesthetic function and will not damage your teeth. Veneers are durable and will serve you for years. Porcelain veneers are used by dentists in many cases:

  • Dental splits
  • Odontoschisms
  • Abrasion
  • Fluorosis, tetracycline teeth which have changed their color
  • Wedge-shaped defect
  • Deformation of teeth
  • Old fillings which have changed their color
  • Consequences of traumas, treatment of root canal
Every patient should know this before he decides to install veneers:
  • Installation of veneers is irreversible because the dentist will have to remove 0,5 millimeters of your teeth enamel.
  • Anaesthesia will be most probably used during preparations for the procedure.
  • It will take about a week to make veneers for you. It is possible to use restorations during this period.
  • After the dentist removes teeth enamel you will be more sensitive to cold or hot food.
  • When the veneers are installed they form a single whole with your teeth. Still, it is better to avoid too solid food.
  • Veneers mean that your teeth will need even more care.

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