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Microprotheses: what are they

This method is one of the most rapidly developing ways to restore lost teeth. Actually this method presupposes that the lost part of the tooth will be made of a different material usually ceramics. Ceramics is a unique material used to restore teeth. It has all advantages of natural teeth transparency, naturalness. They will preserve the shape of your natural teeth. The dentist will use a special gel for fixation. Even a specialist can hardly know a natural tooth from a ceramic inlay.

There are some methods used in microprosthectics. They presuppose using inlays, onlays, and veneers consequently. Veneer is a special inlay fastened to the front part of the tooth. The main aim of microprosthetics is to supplement and replace usual methods of restoration of teeth. All microprostheses are produced in special labs.

Adhesive prosthetics.

Adhesive prosthetics is a part of microprosthetics. Adhesive prosthesis is an artificial tooth. To support it dentists use overlays and insertions. Sometimes there is even no need to grind the neighboring teeth to fix the prosthesis more properly.
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