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Decoration of teeth will make your smile unique

Decoration of teeth
Fashion is very changeable and never lasts for long. The latest trend is to decorate teeth with precious stones and materials. Diamonds, gold, expensive Swarovski crystals are probably the most frequently used materials. Though these materials are expensive there is a pleasant nuance. While during a simple procedure of piercing you can feel pain in this case you will never feel anything like that. Skyces are easily applied to your teeth. Such procedure will be neither painful nor even unpleasant.

The only destination of a skyce is to make your smile exceedingly charming and bright. The size of an average skyce is not more than 2,5 mm in diameter. Moreover, it is flat. Skyce can be of almost any shape and form - diamond-shaped, square, and oval. Choose what you like. It is important to pay special attention to fixation. Skyce is glued to the tooth with the help of special glue (the so-called bond).

This way your teeth remain undamaged. The glue used for fixation is transparent and not seen by anybody. Skyces can change their color. It will be seen mostly in artificial light. Mind that skyces are flat, they will not jut out. No food debris will remain around your precious decoration. In case you take a good care of your skyce you will be able to use it for several years without feeling the slightest discomfort. Skyces can be also implanted in the dental crown.

Mind that skyces must be fixed only by an experienced specialist. The surface of the tooth needs preliminary treatment and cleaning. Of course the tooth must be dry. So, gluing can be started only after proper treatment of the tooth. Using precious materials to make your smile more attractive is a perfect alternative to piercing and tattoos. Skyces are made of dental alloys certified by public health ministry of Russian Federation. Be sure that such alloys are safe for your health. The size of such skyces varies from 1 to 4 mm. everything depends on the shape of the skyce. The side of the skyce which is in contact with the surface of the tooth is treated with a special antibacterial substance.

The outer side of the skyce is polished. That is why it looks so shiny. Skyces are glued to the outer surface of the tooth and do not damage the enamel. Moreover, they can protect problem areas of teeth from damage. It will take about 15 minutes for a qualified dentist to glue the skyce to your tooth. Golden onlays are frequently used alongside with diamonds. This combination will make your teeth look much better. Modern technologies and experienced professionals will make the procedure painless and the result of it incredible.

One can apply precious stones not only to dental enamel but also to metal-composite and metal-ceramic crowns. Onlays of gold or precious stones will not only make your smile harming but also conceal dental defects. People with dental erosion, hypoplasia, or caries can apply decorations to the surface of the filling.

Skyce is an artificial brilliant. It is used to make your smile bright and emphasize the whiteness of your teeth. The procedure of fixation is painless and safe for the enamel. One day you may want to get rid of your skyce. It will be an easy thing to do. Skyces are removed fast and without any damage to your teeth. Skyces can be sometimes used to make children clean their teeth properly. Let it be a game. Dental decorations can be made of different materials by home or foreign companies.

You can change your appearance whenever you like just using a new skyce of unusual shape or size. Let yourself be attractive and unforgettable. It will not take too long to adjust the decoration. Moreover, your dental enamel will be safe. Dental decorations can be used to conceal some dental defects. They will make your smile look unique and charming. You will feel no pain at all. Even if you want to remove the decoration the procedure will be as fast and painless as fixation.

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