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Definitions of tooth wear

Tooth wear, usually due to a combination of processes,the?triumvirate " bruises, scrapes, and erosion. It's unusual, will be entirely attributed to one of these. Rather, tooth wear is because all three processes, perhaps, one of these dominant.

Abrasion is the loss of the substance of the tooth from the friction of a foreign body, often toothbrush. There are case reports many strange reasons, including hazardous production factors. Exhaustion, loss of the substance of the tooth due to a tooth for a tooth contact. She was very noticeable in predynastic Egyptians, up to 3000 BC, and it is believed that because of the content of sand, diet, and therefore can be considered as partially depletion and partially abrasion. Parafunctional activities, such as nocturnal bruxism, probably more common cause with the type of power in the twenty first century of our era. Erosion is very different from these two physical wear of teeth; it is the loss of a tooth with the help of chemicals, as a rule, sour, and not associated with mechanical or traumatic factors, or decay.

Although these three conditions are well known and common usage, there are other terms to describe non-carious destructive processes involved in wear of the teeth, but they are much less known and accepted. These demastication and abfraction. Demastication is a term used to wear from the substance of the tooth during chewing. This can be directly applied to the type to wear shown the ancient Egyptians, and will depend on the abrasiveness of food. Abfraction was identified as a wedge-shaped defect is observed in cemento-enamel junction. Axial force on the tooth, as a rule, focus stress in this area, and the reason microfractures tooth tissue and loss. This is sometimes confused with cervical scrapes and further research is required to install it as a separate entity. ..

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