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Dental calculus

Mineralization within plaque calculus of education. Inorganic content of mathematical analysis (70-90%), mainly, crystalline and amorphous calcium phosphate. Organic component includes proteins, carbohydrates, lipids, and various non-governmental vital micro-organisms, mainly those, filiform. A course of mathematical analysis formation between people is very variable, and children become less calculus than adults. Calcification may begin in one day-old plaque, however, the exact mechanism of calculation education, is not known.

In supragingival places, however, the formation is the result of interactions between saliva, the surface of the teeth and plaque; whereas, in subgingival places, inflammatory exudate in the pockets is the fluid of the middle part. Subgingival calculus forms slower and usually more difficult to remove with the help of virtue intimate relationship that it forms with the rough surface of the root. The terms themselves are not agents of periodontal disease, but always covered with a coating and saves toxic waste products of bacteria...

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