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Periodontal status of many people with visual impairments), and periodontal health, will be affected by the relatively low level of oral hygiene that are prevalent in this population. Despite this, there is some evidence of actual periodontal status of people with disabilities. Recent research suggests that periodontal disease is widespread, but the fact that this case is also in the General population. This problem must be in the future, while severe gingivitis can progress to periodontitis and, thus, loss of teeth, small amounts of plaque is not incompatible with life, and therefore there is no sense in installation costly intervention programmes, based on professional help, unless there is a strong likelihood that these efforts can be stored at home. This is not an effective approach.

For specific subgroups, for example, people with down syndrome, periodontal diseases and premature loss of teeth has been noted to be more common, possibly because of a combination of poorly controlled RAID levels and changes in the phagocytic activity of neutrophils.

With this in mind, teachers and others need to be vigilant and really helps to maintain good oral health in persons with down syndrome.

Mouth cleaning is a difficult area for those who care; dental hygiene-ist or dentist, you need to work through customized programs for people who can't support their own oral hygiene. This Protocol must be included in the patient's health care plans so that all staff involved in their care and relatives know what to do and how.

There are a number of ways in which toothbrushes can be modified to make them easier to manipulate. For patients who have difficulty grasping, plain, thin to apply with a brush, as, for example, a person who has arthritis, muscular dystrophy, a larger pen can make your mouth dry cleaning feasible task. Many such changes remind Bicycle grip and made of rubber or plastic to fit over toothbrush handle.

For patients who are resistant to mouth cleaning, guardians must perform this task. This process can be facilitated through the use of the power of the brush though some immunocompromised patients with severe mental startled by the noise and vibration, as well as to counter attempts of introduction of the brush in her mouth. In what?Superbrush`, it makes sense that in three sets opposite the bristles allows cleaning of the three surface-cheek, occlusive and lingual-single brush stroke. When access is limited or short, this brush, it is reported that effectively removes plaque. For patients that have pain in the mouth, but in which the great RAID management is vital that patients with mucositis induced by chemotherapy or radiation therapy, for example, then a soft bristle brush is useful: one such brush is what?Ultrasuave", which is available from the U.S. and limited opportunities in the UK and Sweden.

Patients who are either too sick or very complex in their behavior, we need a different approach. For those who are unable to swallow the patient in ITU or those with a life limiting illness, care of the oral cavity should be administered to the patient in bed nurse or carer, aided with aspiration toothbrush. Instructions, the procedure should be stored with each patient so that the change of personnel will not lead to a lack of oral hygiene maintenance. The nurse or the Trustee may want to use my mouth to keep, to gain access. Toothpaste or a brush moistened in fluoride liquid for rinsing of the mouth, as described above, may be used all around the tooth surface. If the gums with health problems, chlorhexidene gel can wipe around the mouth or on the hand or with the help of some gel smeared on the wrapped with gauze finger. It is important to remember that foam in toothpaste inactivate chlorhexidene so that the two should not be used simultaneously. Caregivers also need to take into account the potential interaction between imidazole and chlorhexi-Dene and to avoid their simultaneous use. ..

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