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Chewing gum is a means used to improve the condition of the mouth cavity by means of increasing the speed of salivation and the amount of saliva. This way chewing gum can neutralize organic acids produced by bacteria living in dental deposit. Moreover, chewing gum can clean the surface of teeth.

Chewing gum can:

  • remove food debris;
  • stimulate the process of salivation;
  • increase the speed of salivation;
  • improve washing of the mouth cavity;
  • promote neutralization of organic acids causing dental deposit.
Chewing gum is made of:
  • Sweetener (sugar, corn syrup or);
  • Odorant (used to improve taste and aroma);
  • Softener (used to create desirable consistence while chewing);
  • Basis (used to bind all abovementioned components).
One of the most important properties of a chewing gum is to increase salivation.
Three times more saliva capable of penetrating all tight areas of teeth is the most vivid result of chewing gums.

Modern chewing gums contain sugar substitutes and xylite. These components are used to prevent caries. It was proved by scientists of Turku University (Finland). Xylite gets in the mouth cavity with other components of the chewing gum and can remain there for a rather long period of time. This time is enough to influence the condition of the mouth cavity in a positive way.

However, many people disagree and object to any possible use of chewing gums since they cause diseases of stomach and involvement of temporal-mandibular joint. On the other hand, properly used chewing gum is not likely to cause such problems. Here is a list of recommendations concerning proper usage of chewing gums made up according to the investigations of numerous scientists:

  • use a chewing gum after each meal;
  • it is desirable to use sugarless chewing gum to increase anticarious effect;
  • chew a gum for not later than 20 minutes after you have eaten your meal;
  • both children and adults should use chewing gum;
  • keep in mind that disorderly and uncontrolled usage of chewing gum several times a day can be harmful.

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