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How long to treat pericoronitis?

Caries of wisdom teeth.

Caries is a serious problem. It is caused by dental deposit left on teeth after eating. That is why it is desirable to clean teeth every time after you have eaten something. Caries is really dangerous when it comes to wisdom teeth. In fact, very few people can and do clean their wisdom teeth properly. It is caused by their location. So you should really pay special attention to your wisdom teeth as they are more prone to caries than other teeth.


Pericoronitis is the most widespread disease of wisdom teeth. Pericoronitis is an infection that attacks tissues around wisdom tooth. You are likely to face this problem in case your wisdom teeth are not completely erupted. The first symptoms of pericoronitis are hypersensitivity, swollen gums round the tooth. Moreover, bad breath, foul taste and severe pain are rather frequent symptoms of pericoronitis.

Treatment of pericoronitis.

In most cases excision (removal) of hood is the best treatment. Still, many dentists recommend removing the tooth completely. You should not be afraid of such variant. Wisdom teeth do not carry direct functional load. That is why removal of wisdom teeth is considered to be justified.
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