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Labial fissures. How to treat labial fissures?

Labial fissures. How to treat labial fissures?
Labial fissure are a chronic disease. Both men and women of any age are equally prone to this disease. Sometimes labial fissures are the result of individual construction of the patient`s lips. It is worth mentioning that this disease can develop as a result of frequent traumas of lips. Labial fissures mostly appear in the middle of the lower lip and visually divide the lip into two parts. Sometimes labial fissures may grow to affect the mucous membrane of the lip. Still, the disease will not spread to the skin surrounding the lip.

The development of the disease can be promoted by various neurotic reactions (like avitaminosis, excessive smoking, chronic dryness of lips, constant biting) as well as meteorological factors. Sometimes labial fissures develop alongside with cheilitis (inflammation of the mucous membrane and the red border).

You are more likely to suffer labial fissures in winter while in summer it comes in a lighter form.

Keep in mind that labial fissures both at the edges and in the middle of the lip are not only a cosmetic defect. The flow of the disease can be different and eventually ruin your smile, speech, eating. It may be very difficult to clean teeth. Any attempt to open the mouth will cause pain (sometimes a severe one). When the labial fissure is at rest (when you are sleeping) it is covered with crust. Mind that even the slightest move can break the crust and cause bleeding. In case one suffers this disease for more than a year it is possible to observe keratinization at the edges of the fissure as well as a layer of grayish epithelium around the fissure. It may happen so that the labial fissure is surrounded by dense crimson swellings and there are small papillomas at the bottom of the fissure. In this case do not waste time and consult an experienced oncologist for a consultation.

Of course, malignant change of a labial fissures is very rare. Anyway, it is recommended to consult a specialist to prevent any possible complications. As you know, prevention is always better than treatment.

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