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Mechanical plaque control

Regular violation of biofilms with toothpaste with fluoride to prevent the formation of visible lesions and arrested lesions, which have already formed. The physician should examine the patient toothpaste contains fluoride. It is assumed that young children should use adults, family pasta, but a small pea part of toothpaste should be used. Small children do not spit and will, therefore, be swallowed pasta and this precaution will avoid fluorosis.

The doctor must give the patient and parent, in the case of a child, a white spot lesions, then reveal the teeth. It will allow to demonstrate the link biofilms to defeat. Now look at the patient into action with a toothbrush to remove plaque, helping to improve the technique, where necessary.

The patient should be encouraged to feel shiny plaque-free surface language, in order to achieve this feel like home. The doctor should be noted whether the patient may delete the plaque. If the patient can, but not the problem of motivation not only dexterity.

With children, special attention should be paid to the occlusal surface of the teeth erupt. On the teething is below the line of the arch and will miss the brush, if it is brought in at right angles to the arch. It should be noted that occlusal surface is the most vulnerable plaque stagnation during teething and may take months or years to erupt. There are great individual differences in the eruption of times. Molars to take longer than erupt premolars, but within a certain type of tooth there are large differences from person to person. In the prevention programme, therefore, must be adapted to the needs of the individual. The patient and parents should be reviewed on a regular recall, as long as they have the opportunity to visit with the surface of the Board-free, after cleaning the house. If this is not achieved consistently attention should be paid fissure sealing surface resin block groove-pit system and thereby helping plaque control.

Where bitewing x-ray image shows a sample of the lesion in the outer enamel, the patient or parent if the child should be shown how to use dental floss...

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