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Myths about wisdom teeth. What complications may arise during wisdom teeth eruption?

Wisdom teeth don hertzfeldt
Zarathustric culture supports the idea that wisdom teeth are very important for people. If a person does not have wisdom teeth it is believed that this person gets no support from his ancestors. However, this support will work to the full only in case a person has 4 wisdom teeth. People with no wisdom teeth are believed to be abandoned by their ancestors. It means that there were intermarriages in the family. Such marriages desecrate the family. Doctor Fall (Germany) has conducted an interesting research. He found out that every tooth in our mouth is connected with a definite organ of our body. He has made a table according to which wisdom teeth are connected with mentality.

Gypsies do not often tell their children stories about fairies taking away their milk teeth. Still, they have a popular belief that if you bury your wisdom tooth in the cemetery you will be rich in half a year. An old Slavonic superstitions claim that wisdom teeth are called this way because only old and wise teeth with strong body and soul could have such teeth.

Only those who were spiritually strong could have all 4 wisdom teeth. Such people were guarded by the keepers of their family. That is why it was not recommended and even forbidden to draw wisdom teeth even if they caused pain. People who dared to draw their wisdom teeth lost protection of their family. To make wisdom teeth healthy our ancestors would cast a special spell on them. They said: As soon as the first wisdom tooth erupts cast a spell on the water reflecting the full moon. Then drink this water or use it as a mouthwash. The spell was: wisdom is mine, protection is mine, but pain and diseases are not mine.
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