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Many people have heard about Phthorlacum but not all of them know what it is. Phthorlacum is a combined medicinal agent. It contains Canadian balsam and sodium fluoride. If you cover your child`s milk teeth with Phthorlacum it will reduce the risk of caries.

Useful qualities of fluoric lacquers are well known all over the world. These lacquers are very useful. Their useful qualities are scientifically proven. Not so long ago a group of American scientists carried out a research the aim of which was to prove the use of f Phthorlacum or the health of teeth. About 400 babies aged from 6 to 44 months took part in the research. The researches intentionally took children from low-income families. Before the research none of the children had caries.

First of all scientists consulted the parents and told them everything about the research. Then the children were divided into 3 groups:

  1. The teeth of children of the first group were covered with Phthorlacum twice a year;
  2. The teeth of children of the second group were covered with Phthorlacum once a year;
  3. The teeth of children of the third group were not covered with.
The research lasted for 2 years. After the research was over, all children underwent an examination. The results were the following: the children from the third group suffered caries twice more often than the children from the second group and 4 times more often than the children from the first group. Moreover, it was proven that Phthorlacum did no harm to the childrens health and caused no undesirable reactions.

We should mention 2 more important facts discovered during the research:

  1. If you apply Phthorlacum to the childs teeth after they are 6 months old the risk of caries is reduced.
  2. Most scientists agree that it is desirable that the child should undergo the first examination in a dental clinic at the age of 1 year right after the first milk teeth have erupted. It is important to follow this advice. This must be done to keep the childs teeth healthy and strong.
Phthorlacum can be bought in any drug store of your city. Phthorlacum is a brownish black composition. It smells like a conifer. The teeth are covered with Phthorlacum with the help of a cotton pad. When the lacquer gets dry it forms a protective film. It is desirable to use Phthorlacum in case you live in a region where there is little fluorine in drinkable water. Children and teenagers are also recommended to use Phthorlacum. This medicine can really reduce the risk of caries. Moreover, Phthorlacum can be used to treat dental hyperesthesia, excessive grateness of dental enamel, and traumatic damages of dental enamel.
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