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Toothache sex
Czech scientists believe that sex can help to fight toothache. They suppose that people who are sexually active do not suffer fits of toothache. Active sexual life has positive effect on the quality of dental enamel. Scientists believe that the explanation is that during sex human organism produces endorphins. They are also called happiness hormones.

In addition to its main functions sex has an anaesthetic effect. Sexually active people have better blood circulation all over their organism. Mouth cavity is not an exception. Thanks to it gums become stronger. Frequent sex can help to prevent numerous diseases of the mouth cavity. Regular sexual relations make human body produces such hormones as adrenalin and cortisone these hormones stimulate cerebration and help to prevent migraine. It has been scientifically proven that those people who have sex at least twice a month live much longer than those who have sex not more than once a month.

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