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Who is affected by periodontal disease?

Epidemiological studies are conducted to determine trends in population in the emergence and spread of diseases of parodont. However, interpretation and comparison of data fraught with difficulties. Fundamentally, the lack of a unified used diagnostic criteria. Instead, epidemiological studies have used a wide range of disease markers. these include gingivitis levels, exploring the depths, level of clinical attachment points, and radiographically assessed alveolar bone loss denominated in a variety of different ways.

Loss of investment with gingival recession may occur because of injury from oral hygiene devices than the inflammatory processes, which makes investments loss on the facial surfaces difficult to interpret. Partial writing systems which may not reflect the full mouth conditions often used. In addition, there are large differences choice of threshold values to assign a separate entity as is?case`, that is, as suffering from diseases of parodont. Finally, periodontal disease experience of the elderly population with considerable loss of teeth was necessary, but falsely, on the basis of their survival healthy teeth. A narrative that follows should be read with these methodological and analytical considerations...

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