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Preparations before making a gum shielder

Before you get your gum shielder it is necessary to make a cast of your teeth. This cast will be used to make a gum shielder for your teeth. Then the cast is places in a special apparatus where it will be covered with a warmed plate of celluloid. After that your individual gum shielder is ready.

Trying on your gum shielder

After the dentist makes a cast of your teeth he will appoint the date of trying on of the gum shielder. Usually it will be done some days later. Gum shielder should fit the teeth tightly and at the same time leave enough space for bleaching gel. It should not reach the edge of the gum. This is when your dentist will show you how to use your gum shielder and apply bleaching gel to your teeth. Bleaching gel must be applied to the surface of the gum shielder tat is adjacent to the necessary side of your teeth (usually the front part of your teeth that is seen when you are smiling). Fill the gum shielder with bleaching gel and place it onto your teeth. Some surplus gel may go beyond the gum shielder. It is necessary to remove it to prevent possible gum stimulation.
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