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Peri-implant Soft Tissue Management

Papilla Regeneration Technique:
  1. Identify the location of the cover screws through the covering mucosa.
  2. Make an incision at the palatal/lingual aspect of the cover screws, followed by vertical releasing incisions in the buccal direction. It is important to preserve the gingival cuff at neighboring teeth.
  3. Elevate a full-thickness flap in the buccal direction.
  4. Remove the cover screws.
  5. Select proper abutments and connect them to the fixtures.
  6. Make semilunar bevel incisions in the buccal flap towards each abutment. Start at the distal aspect of the most mesially located implant.
  7. Disengage the pedicle, then rotate it 90° in the palatal direction to fill in the interimplant space.
  8. Suture the tissues, allowing no tension within the pedicles.

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