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Everybody knows that porcelain is a very lasting material. Ceramic veneers are made of porcelain and in case you treat them properly and see your dentist from time to time for preventive measures you can use them for up to 30 years. Filling materials are not as lasting as ceramic veneers and can be used for about 15 years.

It is worth mentioning that filling materials have a serious disadvantage. They are made of high-quality plastic and it loses its qualities with time. So here there is a problem. Filling materials grow dim and lose their luster. Soon they become dull and do not look like ordinary teeth. That is why it is important to polish such restorations at least twice a year to make them shiny again.

Still, filling materials have a serious advantage. If there is a split of the filling or there is a space between the filling and the enamel the tooth can be easily repaired.

A bit of proper treatment and material will be enough to make your smile shine again. If there is a split of a veneer the dentist will have to replace it. However, veneers are more durable than ordinary fillings.

The main factor affecting the service life period of your restoration of teeth of the front row is the condition of teeth of lateral sections. These teeth are more affected by occlusal load than other teeth as they are used for chewing. Front teeth are mostly used for biting. So, what will happen if you have problems with teeth of lateral section? The answer is very simple. Lateral teeth will not be able to stand occlusal load so that it will affect your front teeth instead. Even the best restoration of the front row of teeth will not serve you long in case your lateral teeth are not able to stand occlusal load. You should keep in mind that the majority of dentists recommend to restore functionality of teeth of lateral section before you start restoration of your front teeth. Some patients want to bleach their teeth after restoration to make the smile look even brighter. Mind that bleaching will affect only your own healthy teeth but not the restored ones. If you decide to bleach your teeth after restoration there is a chance that the color of your restored teeth will not coincide with the color of your own teeth. If you want to have a brighter smile - bleach your teeth before restoration. It is important to pay attention to such nuances if you really want to have a nice healthy smile.

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