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In the world of dentistry

How to clean teeth properly?
Many of us ask the same question - how to clean teeth properly? Do I clean my teeth properly? Let's try to understand how to do it.

Bad breath - an unsolvable problem?
Bad breath can be caused by a disease called halitosis. It cannot be inherited or caused be genetical factors. The main reasons of bad breath are...

Means of caries prevention - what are they?
To fight caries one has to know the reasons that cause this disease and the factors promoting its development. Much is being done nowadays to fight this disease and prevent caries.

Sealants: new methods of caries prevention?
Dental sealants are numerous synthetic resin containing acrylates. Acrylates are used worldwide to prevent dental caries. Prevention consists in covering the sulci of every masticatory tooth (aka fissures) with the help of sealants.

What is a rinse balm?
There is a number of rinse balms and despite individual characteristics of those balms they can be divided into 2 broad groups: antiinflammatory and anticarious. Anticarious rinse balms include fluorine or calcium ions.

Scaling. What is that?
A thin layer of dental deposit appears on teeth some hours after you have cleaned them. It is difficult to avoid it even if you clean your teeth regularly. But in this case the deposit is not too harmful as it doesn't have enough time to stick to your teeth.


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