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What is a rinse balm?

Extra balm rinse review
There is a number of rinse balms and despite individual characteristics of those balms they can be divided into 2 broad groups: antiinflammatory and anticarious. Anticarious rinse balms include fluorine or calcium ions.

Fluorine and calcium ions mineralize teeth, strengthen and protect the teeth enamel. How often should we use rinse balms? It depends on the solution concentration. If a balm contains 0,05 per cent of fluorine compound it can be used every day for a year. If the rinse balm contains more than 0,2 per cent of fluorine compound than it is enough to use it once a week. A good example of an anticarious balm is "Sensitive". It contains stannous fluoride.

Stannous fluoride protects the teeth enamel and prevents its destruction. Moreover it reduces hypersensitivity of tooth tissues. The effect is obvious especially with the people who react painfully to sour food and temperature drops.

Rinse balms of a well-known company of "Bergencheim" (Finland) - "Oxygen xylite" and "Oxygen Antiplaque" are worth mentioning.

"Oxygen xylite" only has an anticarious effect while "Oxygen Antiplaque" also prevents dental deposit. Colgate rinse balms have a perfect effect. They contain not only fluorine compound but also antiseptic substances. As you use anticarious balms pay attention to 2 things:

  1. Use the rinse balm only after you have cleaned your teeth. In this case calcium and fluorine ions cat stick to your teeth and penetrate into the surface layer of teeth. Bacteria cannot stick to such surface.
  2. It has been scientifically proved that calcium and fluorine assimilation takes time. To reach the maximum effect rinse your teeth for not less than 2,5 minutes. Pass the balm through the tightly closed teeth. This way the balm will get between your teeth. This space is frequently attacked by caries and practically no toothbrush can get there.

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