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Means of caries prevention - what are they?

Prevention dental caries
To fight caries one has to know the reasons that cause this disease and the factors promoting its development. Much is being done nowadays to fight this disease and prevent caries. Numerous researches have proved that streptococcus is the main reason causing caries. Caries is affection of hard tooth tissues complicated by the inflammation of pulp and periapical tissues alongside with severe pains. Sometimes it can be the reason of tooth loss and be the cause of musculoskeletal system diseases and diseases of visceral and other organs. Nourishment, level of solar radiation and the fluorine content in the environment can effect caries. Caries is mostly the disease of children and young people but it can develop in any age.

To prevent caries they use state, social, medical, sanitary and educational activities. The social measures include securing healthy lifestyle, sticking to the rational work-rest routine, eating healthy food and following the rules of personal hygiene.

State preventive measures include actions in health protection of mothers and children and environmental protection. Sanitary actions - sanitary education of people concerning stomatology, controlling the state of the environment and nutrition, fluorination of drinking water (fluorine plays the main role in teeth protection comparing with other food factors). Educational activities of caries prevention include developing skills of keeping the mouth cavity clean and healthy. Medical measures include developing and introducing some new means and methods of effecting the organism and the mouth cavity to improve caries resistance.

Healthy lifestyle: sticking to the rules of mouth cavity hygiene, healthy eating habits, elimination of bad habits. Mouth cavity hygiene is the most important factor in caries prevention. Its aim is to remove food debris and dental deposits.

Active protection of teeth with the live pulp is a cleaning intercellular liquid flow used to protect teeth from microbes. This is the simplest way to protect organism. Enamel liquid is a filtrate containing no complex antimicrobial antibodies. A swift cleaning flow cleans the nidus but it doesn't cure. An enamel crack will not grow over. It is not a secret that the closer you are to the nature the better. Wild animals have neither caries nor periodontitis. Domestic and zoo animals can sometimes have such diseases. The closer animals leave to people the worse.

New and new diseases appear along with the development of civilization. Neuroses, allergies, tumors, gum and dental diseases have the same cause. Physical activity, avoiding bad habits and healthy eating habits can fight most diseases.

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