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Is it possible to implant teeth far one visit to a dentist?

How do dental implants cost?
It is not a secret that a beautiful smile is an integral part of success. Unfortunately not all people manage to keep their teeth healthy. In such cases implantation may come in handy. Most people have heard about this method but not all are brave enough to use it. Some are afraid of the procedure, some are not willing to waste time in a dental clinic waiting till the doctor grafts the implants. A M.D., implantologist with 20-years experience Borys Pavlovich Agami will help you to get rid of your fears. Not once has he mentioned the advantages of dental therapy under general anesthesia.

The advantages of this method are the minimization of the necessary visits to your dentist (1-2 visits), no fear and emotional tension during such operation (the patient is simply sleeping), fast and obvious result (after the procedure the patient does not have to change his lifestyle and can enjoy his new smile).

The only minus of the procedure is its high price, but it is worth it. Borys Pavlovich recommends this way of treatment to those who are afraid of the dentist's chair and who experience vomiting reflex in case somebody gets inside their mouth cavity. The method is also good for busy people.

Many people are afraid of the serious consequences of anaesthesia. We would like to mention that any unwanted consequences can appear only in case of unprofessional usage of anaesthesia. In most modern clinics patients can undergo examination, consult an anaesthetist or other specialists and choose the best medicine. Modern clinics use brand-new medicines and devices. However, implantation is contra-indicated for people who suffer severe pancreatic diabetes, blood disorders (like leukaemia), malignant tumors, and some inflammatory processes of the mouth cavity. The procedure itself lasts for 6 hours. The dentist is calm and fast, the anaesthetist watches over the patient`s condition. The patient will wake up with a new smile. Complete recovery is expected in an hour after the procedure. Mind that it is not recommended to drive a car a day after the application of anaesthesia.

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