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Periodontitis is not a verdict, isn't it?

Periodontitis gravis

Periodontitis is not a verdict. Treatment of periodontitis.

Periodontitis is a disease that occurs very often and has serious consequences. The main reason of periodotnitis is hidden in our genes so it is possible to cure it completely only on the level of genes. But this is the future. And we are in present so we have to cure the disease. Otherwise the consequences will be depressing. If you let periodotnitis start working it can ruin all your teeth and ligaments between teeth and bones. One of the stages of the disease is gingival hemorrhage and dedentition. Of course all these symptoms appear with time. The disease starts without any sense of discomfort or evident symptoms. The first sign of periodotnitis is gingival hemorrhage while cleaning your teeth. Many people pay no special attention to this fact. That is wrong. Remember: the earlier you start the treatment of the disease the more chances you have to keep your teeth.

High risk of periodotnitis

Every person must know the reasons causing high risk of periodotnitis genesis:

Dental calculus is caused by the food soft deposit.

It harms gums, provokes inflammation and causes the disease. Bacteria living in the porous structure of dental deposit produce a toxin. Its influence increases the risk of periodotnitis. Alas it is not enough to clean your teeth regularly even if you use good toothpastes.

On should see a dentist at least twice a year for a session of stomatological tooth brushing and preventive control. Another risk factor is poorly filled teeth. Irregularly placed fillings are more harmful than dental calculus. They harm gums and leave food debris in the interdentium. It can be the cause of chronic inflammatory process in the gum tissue. This is the way periodotnitis starts. If your fillings are of poor quality replace them by better ones - fillings made of composite material hardened under the influence of light. They are more solid and safe. Irregularly chosen crowns of the wrong size can also provoke periodotnitis. The edges of irregularly chosen crowns squeeze the gum and cause disturbed circulation. Also there is a space between the crown and the tooth where food debris is left to rot. It causes teeth and gum destruction. It turns out that a crown used to protect teeth ruins it little by little. Replace it for a better one, fitting the size of your tooth. It should take into account the state of the oral mucosa.

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