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When should one start treating incorrectly growing teeth?

Growing teeth from urine
One should see an orthodontist for the first time as soon as the first normal tooth appears (at the age of about 6). The first grinder starts growing behind the milk teeth. The grinder will serve you for many years. The main decision you are to make is whether you need an orthodontic correction of teeth and when it is best to start the correction. It is natural that correction of the form of your teeth will bring discomfort. It will also take time and cost money. Before a dentist starts the procedure he should find out whether his patient (even a child) is willing to undergo the procedure. If a child is against the correction the procedure will be less effective. Actually orthodontic care is possible in any age. The main factor here is the number of teeth the patient still has and the condition of the periodontium tissues. The later you start treating the defects of the denture the more time the process will take.
It is connected with the reduction of compensatory properties of the human organism. If an adult decides to turn to an orthodontist to treat the defects of the denture the success of treatment will depend on the condition of periodontal tissues. All abnormal changes must be considered so that the doctor could change the method of treatment. The main thing is not to harm.

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