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What are the forms of intraosseous implants?

forms of intraosseous implants
Forms of intraosteal implants:
  • Cylindrical
  • Real tooth form
  • Implants with cortical side plates
  • Screw
  • Plate
  • Stepped
  • Tubular and so on

What are the types of dental implantation? Bioinert materials

types of dental implantation
Bioinert materials like zirconium, alumina ceramics, titanium nickeline, titanium, gold. Bioinert materials like chrome cobalt alloy or stainless steel. Bioactive covering implants of metal are covered with tribasic calcium phosphate ceramics, hydroxyapatite and so on.

What are the types of dental implantation?

dental implantation
Endodontic-endossal. This type of implantation is used if a patient has loose or ruined teeth. The dentist will install a post (can be of different form figured or screw) in the root canal of the tooth. This way the dentist strengthens the tooth and restores the normal contact of the root of the tooth with the crown. Mind that it is possible to use this method if there are at least 3 millimeters of healthy periodontium tissues surrounding the upper part of the crown.

When is it necessary to install implants?

install implants
Dental prosthetics with the help of implants can be applied in the following cases:
  • Loss of teeth when it is impossible to use dental prosthesis. It is very difficult to chew when the dental prosthesis is not properly adjusted. If a person does not have grinders the dentist will have to make a partially removable prosthesis. This is not the most convenient way to solve the problem. If you decide to use an implant the construction of the prosthesis will be simpler. It will be enough for the dentist to make one pons and the effect will be the same as if pons on 2 or more dental supports were used. The same method can be used if a patient is unwilling to use a removable prosthesis.
  • Restoration of 1 lost tooth. If 1 tooth was lost or didnt grow the dentist can install an implant in the space between teeth. After the installation the dentist will adjust a crown to the implant.
    The main plus of this method is that the adjacent teeth are not injured.
  • Extensive defects of the denture. If the whole denture is missing and it is impossible to install a pons the dentist will implant one or two prosthetic appliances that will support the pons.
  • If one cannot use removable prosthetic appliances.

Delusions and myths about implants

myths about implants
Nowadays prosthetics using implants is one of the most convenient and effective ways to restore the lost teeth. Using implants is a great alternative to the main types of removable and nonremovable prosthetic appliances. It makes no difference whether a patient has lost his masticatory teeth, most of his teeth or just one tooth because the best way to solve any of these problems is to use an implant. Another important thing about implants is that they look natural. Implants look exactly like your own teeth and you do not feel them in your mouth.

What is an implant?

What is an implant
Many people have heard something about implants but they do not know what implants are. Implant is an artificial root placed instead of a lost tooth. Actually the construction consists of a titanium screw fixed directly on the jawbone. Do not confuse implants with titanium posts driven in the root of the tooth. Titanium is a bioinert material. It means that a persons organism will not reject the construction. Because of this property titanium is widely used in medical practice to produce pins and bone plate and so on. Titanium is also known to be one of the most durable materials ever used in medicine. The implant is not fully placed inside the jawbone. The dentist will let a small part of it stick out and adjust a crown (usually a ceramic-metal dental crown) to it as soon as the implant gets acclimated.

Is it possible to implant teeth far one visit to a dentist?

implant teeth
It is not a secret that a beautiful smile is an integral part of success. Unfortunately not all people manage to keep their teeth healthy. In such cases implantation may come in handy. Most people have heard about this method but not all are brave enough to use it. Some are afraid of the procedure, some are not willing to waste time in a dental clinic waiting till the doctor grafts the implants. A M.D., implantologist with 20-years experience Borys Pavlovich Agami will help you to get rid of your fears. Not once has he mentioned the advantages of dental therapy under general anesthesia.

How to correct occlusion of adults, children? Surgical correction of occlusion

occlusion of adults
Nowadays it is almost impossible to correct the occlusion without using brackets. What should one do then? Malocclusion is not only unattractively but also harmful for health. Why? Actually wrong position of teeth distributes irregular load on teeth that can cause problems with the temporomandibular joint.

That is why it is so important to correct the form of teeth of adults and children. Age plays no role here. Mind that the correction of occlusion of adults is more difficult as the formation of skeleton is over and the bones of the facial part of the scull are fixed.

Incognito brackets: made in Germany

Incognito brackets
In 2001 the first lot of Incognito brackets was produced. To tell the truth both dentists and their patients were surprised and glad to see the invention of a German orthodontist. Nowadays Incogniti brackets are a unique mixture of computer calculations, easily predicted result, easy installation and comfort for the patient. During the preparatory stage the future denture of the patient is being modeled. This peculiarity of Incognito brackets allows to consider all wishes of the patient as well as the peculiarities of his denture.

Transparent gum shields. What do you know about the Invisalign methods?

Invisalign methods
The Internet technologies are a new visiting card of modern clinics and dentists. The Invisalign» method consists in making individual transparent gum shielders. The whole process from beginning to end is carried out by a computer. The dentist has to give his assent and receive the ready gum shielders. It may sound impossible though in fact it is all real. You will just need a special dental model and a series of special photos.

After that the dentist sends all information to California, to a unique «Invisalign» laboratory. There gum shielders are made with the help of laser technologies. The ready gum shielders will be sent to your clinic. They do not have disadvantages of metal brackets. Gum shielders are barely visible. You can clean your teeth the way you are used to because you can simply remove the gum shielder. You will not have unpleasant feelings while eating as well.

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