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What are the forms of intraosseous implants?

Implant dosage forms
Forms of intraosteal implants:
  • Cylindrical
  • Real tooth form
  • Implants with cortical side plates
  • Screw
  • Plate
  • Stepped
  • Tubular and so on
Despite the variety of forms all implants have some common characteristics and peculiarities. First of all it is the covering with micropores ranging from 50 to 250 microns in diameter. Such micropores increase the biological compatibility of the implant with the bone tissue. Thanks to the porous covering of the implant the so-called osteogenic tissue appears. It appears after the replantation and gets inside the covering of the implant. This way the implant is fixed more solidly. They predict that in the nearest future titanium nickeline will replace most materials used nowadays. This material has not just pores. It is permeable.

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