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Tooth Mobility and Fremitus

1. Horizontal mobility of the teeth, tooth movement in the face to the language direction is determined by the capture of the tooth between the two dental instrument handle.

a. AC mild pressure is applied to the face languages direction against the tooth first with one, then the other processing tool.

B. Mobility can be observed by using the adjacent tooth like a fixed point of reference in the process of trying to move a tooth is considered.

2. Vertical tooth mobility, the ability to pull the tooth in its socket, valuated at the end of the document the handle to put pressure on or chewing surface of the tooth enamel (Fig. 19-6).

3. Although the periodontal ligament allows some slight movement of the tooth in its socket, the amount of this natural tooth movement is so insignificant that it cannot be seen with the naked eye. Thus, when visually assessing mobility, a doctor should expect to find no visible movement in periodontally healthy tooth.


There are many scales to record clinically visible tooth mobility. One useful scale is shown in table 19-2.

5. In some dental surgery, dentist, may also wish to assess fremitus.

a. Fremitus is palpable or visible movement of the tooth when the function. b. Fremitus can be assessed by gently placing a gloved index finger against the facial aspect of the tooth as the patient either taps the teeth together or simulates chewing movements.

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