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Drug-Influenced Gingival Enlargement

A. Introduction

1. The drug affects the gums NATO enlargement is aesthetically disfiguring overgrowth of the gums that this is a side effects associated with certain medications.

2. Drugs associated with gingival enlargement can be divided into three categories: anti-convulsants, calcium channel blockers, and immunosuppressants (table. 10-2). These three classes of drugs, the influence of gingival fibroblasts overproduce collagen matrix when stimulated gum inflammation [44].

a. More than 20 drugs demonstrated the ability to cause gingival enlargement.

B. Among old and relatively new Pharmacological agents involved in gingival enlargement, in General, the anticonvulsant phenytoin still has the highest prevalence rate (about 50%), calcium channel blockers and immunosuppressants associated years about half as prevalent [44].

3. Clinical characteristics of the drug affects the gums extensions include the expansion of the gums, trends occur more often in front of gum, the prevalence in the younger age groups, and the beginning of the next 3 months [45-47].

4. Current research of the mechanism of drug-related extension emphasis on direct and indirect effects of these drugs on gingival fibroblasts metabolism.

5. If possible, the treatment is usually focused on substitution and effective control of local inflammatory factors, such as the plaque biofilm and calculus. When these measures do not cause resolution extensions, surgery is recommended. Gingival enlargement in pregnancy ..

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