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Tips for Cleaning the Dentures

Those people who wear traditional or complete dentures know that the dentures are to be removed regularly and cleaned in a proper way. These simple procedures will help to prevent the possible problems and protect the dentures from stains caused by constant wearing. Proper cleaning can even prolongue the term of service of your dentures. This article contains some tips and recommendations concerning cleaning of dentures.

It is important to clean not only the dentures but the mouth as well. Even if all of your natural teeth have been extracted, it is necessary to clean the gums and the tongue with a toothbrush. Just a bit of toothpaste is enough to make your mouth clean. After you have cleaned the mouth, rinse it and put the dentures back. When your teeth are clean, their surface becomes smooth and the dentures can be adjusted in a better way. Clean mouth is the №1 rule that can help you reduce irritation.

While you are cleaning your teeth, rinse the dentures in warm water.

Remove the plaque and food debris with the help of a special toothbrush. Do not use cold or hot water to clean the dentures. They can easily warp. Dentures should be kept in a denture tube. This plastic container for the dentures and the cleaning solution must be provided by your dentist. If you do not have such a tube, it can be purchased in any pharmacy or drug store. Dentures are to be removed once a day and put into the tube with the cleaning solution. It will remove bits of food as well as stains. Moreover, your gums will get some much needed rest.

If you do not know what cleaning solution to choose, look for the one approved by the American Dental Association (it should have the association`s logo). Such products are safe for you and your dentures.

Special cleaning solutions can be easily replaced by mild dish soap. Do not use products that contain bleach, ammonia or other harsh chemicals. They can be toxic and dangerous for your health. In addition, such cleaners can damage the dentures.

The best way to keep your dentures clean is to leave them in the cleaning solution at night while you are sleeping. The main thing you should know about the dentures is that they are to be kept wet all the time. Otherwise they may crack. When you wake up, clean the mouth and put the dentures back. These simple procedures will keep your mouth clean and the dentures working the way they should.

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