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Tips for Cleaning the Dentures

Those people who wear traditional or complete dentures know that the dentures are to be removed regularly and cleaned in a proper way. These simple procedures will help to prevent the possible problems and protect the dentures from stains caused by constant wearing. Proper cleaning can even prolongue the term of service of your dentures. This article contains some tips and recommendations concerning cleaning of dentures.

Whitening Toothpastes: Do They Really Work?

You can use all kinds of products and methods not to reveal your real age but your teeth will always show how old you really are. Teeth tend to become darker as the years go by and your once pearly teeth may become grey and dull. Some habits like smoking and drinking lots of tea or coffee can promote this process. Many people are willing to make their smile bright again. The quickest way to do it is to turn to your dentist.

Natural Bleaching of Teeth

Whenever you are going to watch a film or a show on TV, you will have to watch numerous ads. Nowadays many of them are devoted to various means for bleaching of teeth. Despite the tempting promises to whiten your teeth by several shades such products can cause hypersensitivity. Moreover, their price is usually very high. So probably there is a safer and a cheaper way to get a perfect smile. In this article we shall discuss some methods of natural whitening of teeth.

How to Counteract Tooth Aging

Have you ever noticed that your teeth begin to lose their natural brightness as you grow older? Or maybe your once beautiful white teeth now look grey? As any other part of human body, teeth are subject to changes that come with age. Older people are more likely to suffer various gum diseases or change of color of teeth. Luckily, there are some natural methods that can help you effectively cope with these problems. If you want your teeth to be healthy and look nice, follow the recommendations given in this article.

Healing Process

The condition of gum tissues will improve in about 3-4 weeks after the surgery. Healing of bones takes up to 6 months. However, you will certainly not be in pain all this time as the pain should decrease starting from the second day after the procedure. The speed of the healing process is individual and depends on the surgery itself (whether it was an easy or a difficult one) and many other factors.

Treatment after Extractions and Oral Surgery

Extraction of teeth is not a very pleasant procedure. But healing of wounded tissues can be even more unpleasant if you do not follow certain rules. The wound can be properly healed only when a blood clot is formed over the damaged area and covers the extraction site. This article will provide instructions concerning treatment after extractions and other oral surgeries.

Gingivitis and Periodontal Disease (Gum Disease): Causes, Symptoms, Treatment

Many of you have heard about gingivitis, but very few people know that though it is one of the least severe forms of gum diseases, it is the most widespread infectious disease in the world affecting about 70% of adult population of the planet.

Open curettage of parodontal recesses

Open curettage of parodontal recesses
When the depth of pathologic parodontal recesses is more than 5 mm or the procedure of closed curettage was not effective open curettage is used. This procedure cannot be done without surgical dissection of the gum. There are some stages of the procedure:
  • Diagnostics of the condition of the gums
  • Local anesthesia
  • The gum is dissected near the interdental small papilla to facilitate the access to the basis of parodontal recesses (scrappy surgery)
  • Cleaning of the pathologic parodontal recesses with the help of special instruments
  • Application of osteogenous medicines to the injured place to stimulate the new bone tissue
  • Closure of the gum

What is the curettage of parodontal recesses

What is the curettage of parodontal recesses
Curettage of parodontal recesses is a stomatological procedure used to cure gum diseases. Nowadays the most spread stomatological problems are gum diseases like periodontitis, gingivitis and so on. Treatment of gum diseases consists of a complex of various procedures aimed at elimination of the cause of the disease, the possible complications and relapses. Curettage of parodontal recesses is a necessary procedure used in treatment of all gum diseases.

How to cure periodontitis with the help of a laser?

How to cure periodontitis with the help of a laser
Periodontitis is a serious disease of the mouth cavity and may even lead to dedention. Periodontitis must be cured in proper time to avoid complications. The first symptoms of periodontitis are blood appearing on the toothbrush, pain while chewing, bad breath, reddening or unusual colourlessness of gums. The disease may be caused by a number of factors. They are irregular mouth cavity hygiene, lack of chewing activity of the jaws, edges of crowns and fillings that stick out and injure gums, genetic predisposition. The disease consists in appearance of dental deposit on the enamel of the tooth near the gum. The deposit consists of bacteria and product appearing in the result of their vital activity. If you do not start treatment at this stage bacteria may go deeper and form a periodontal recess. Late treatment of the disease can make the situation even worse.
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