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Thermal burn of mucous membrane of gum

Serious injuries can be caused by thermal burns of musous membrane of gum with heat, water, fire, current, or heavy doses of ionizing radiation. Thermal burns caused by water or steam will first of all cause severe sharp pain that will, however, soon subside. The next thing you will fill is that the mucous membrane has become rough. Later this rough surface may develop into acute catarrhal stomatitis. Injured epithelium tissues will swell and exfoliate (either partially or completely). Rapidly breaking blisters that soon lead to erosion or surface ulcers can be also caused by thermal burns.

Treatment of thermal burn of mucous membrane of gum

Successful treatment of a thermal burn first of all demands elimination of the irritant that was the original cause of injury. Antiseptic and anaesthetic medicines like lidocaine solution will more or less successfully cope with this task. There is a variety of medicines that will also promote speedy recovery. Those medicines include propolis ointment and keratoplastic means of treatment.
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