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Cleaning between the teeth

It is well known that periodontal conditions worse in the interdental areas where the standard toothbrushes less effective at removing the proximal surface of the plaque. In addition, bacterial deposits that remain after cleaning will facilitate the resumption of fresh bloom, and create a comprehensive and presumably pathogenic flora on the cleaned surface of the tooth may be accelerated when plaque is left on other surfaces of the teeth. The need for effective cleaning between teeth led to the manufacture of various devices. They must be recommended in accordance with individual skill and interdental anatomy.

Tree points (floss)

Wood point is effective only when there is sufficient interdental space to accommodate it. Triangular wood surpass other round or rectangular, are ineffective language aspects proximal surfaces. The molars, as a rule, have a wider lingual than cheeks embrasures and although is much more limited, wood points can be fixed in the handle and insert the lingual side.

Dental floss

Although teeth requires more digital skills and much more time than using a wood area, there seems to be no alternative cleaning method proximal surfaces in normal, healthy papilla fills the gaps. When brushing accompanied dental floss, more plaque usually removed from the proximal surfaces than brushing your teeth yourself (Kiger et al. 1991). In addition, 2 weeks supervised clinical examination of patients with gingivitis, showed that interdental bleeding was reduced by approximately 67 percent to flossing and brushing, compared with 35% reduction is achieved when brushing alone (graves et al. 1989).

Little apparent difference in ability wax and unwaxed floss, there is no difference between dental tape and waxed or unwaxed dental floss, taking into account their effectiveness at reducing the interdental bleeding gums.

Interspace brush (single-crested toothbrush)

This device was introduced in order to improve access to tip, rotated or moved teeth and teeth, hit by the recession of the gums. Combined use of interspace brush and wood area compensates for the lack of effectiveness of the wood area only within the language embrasures. In interspace brush has limited value, on their own when cleaning the proximal surfaces, except surfaces adjacent to the production of space.

Interdental brush bottle)

Open clean the spaces between the most carefully interdental brush, which is produced in different forms and sizes. Larger Type is held by its wire processing with smaller versions are attached to a metal or plastic handle. Studies comparing interdental brushes with dental floss showed that he excels in great purge of interdental spaces and assume that when interdental brushes used habitually, supragingival proximal surfaces can be free from plaque and subgingival plaque at the depth of 2-2, 5 mm below the gingival margin can be removed.

In patients with gingivitis, swollen nipples may initially limit the choice of teeth using dental floss. If, however, any proximal attachment loss occurred, gum recession, which inevitably arise during the treatment that is needed in due time, allow interdental brushes should be used instead.

Device irrigation

They provide stable or pulsating stream water exits through a nozzle under pressure. Oral irrigators, should not be used as a substitute for brushing teeth, time-consuming and messy to use. There is also the risk that patients using device irrigation may believe that they will be more effective than proved, and weaken their efforts in manual plaque control. However, supragingival irrigation has a small impact on the removal of plaque and gingivitis, in particular, in the field of the dentition is not easily available in the regular mechanical means. In special cases, irrigation devices that can play a role in the supply of chemical agents for oral...
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