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Bad breath - an unsolvable problem?

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Bad breath can be caused by a disease called halitosis. It cannot be inherited or caused be genetical factors. The main reasons of bad breath are:
  • Food stuck between teeth or inside the hole in the filling
  • Bad habits - smoking and alcohol
  • Peculiarities of the microflora of the mouth cavity
  • Mouth cavity and vascular organs diseases
  • Taking care of the mouth cavity in the wrong way
  • Taking some medicines
But the most trivial reason of bad breath is a simple cigarette! So think whether you should smoke before you meet new people. Mutual understanding is easier when your breath is fresh while bad breath can ruin your perfect appearance. Fresh breath plays an important role in the life of society. It depends on the mouth cavity hygiene. In this case we should remember not only about cleaning teeth but also about tongue and gums hygiene, about the food we eat about.
People often pay no attention to the tongue hygiene though some deposits can appear on it and the tongue can be a perfect place for bacteria. We can carry out a simple experiment and clean only our teeth the first day, just the tongue the second day and both the third day. The result is obvious. Let us try to consider all facts that can promote solving the problem of bad breath.

A toothbrush is a necessary thing for every person. We should use it at least twice a day and every session of cleaning teeth should take at least 2-3 minutes. Do not forget about the direction of movements while cleaning your teeth: horizontal (sweeping) movements for the outer side - from the gums to the edge of the tooth and looped (circular) movements for gum massage. Use one toothbrush for no more than 3-4 months. A good toothbrush has high-quality moderately hard synthetic bristles (optimal for most people). Fibers in the bristle are united into bunches placed in 3-4 lines. These bunches must be of different length, the tips of the bristles are to be rounded to avoid gum injuries. Toothbrushes produced by well-known trademarks (mind forgeries) usually possess the abovementioned qualities. The best variant is a toothbrush with a small head (18-25 mm for children; up to 35 mm for adults) as it is easier to use them. Nowadays electric toothbrushes are extremely popular as they clean teeth more properly and massage gums. Pay special attention to the toothpaste. Try to buy products of well-known trademarks. We want to warn you about ads that advertise dental bleaching. Such toothpastes are often too abrasive and scratch the enamel. So be careful. When buying toothpaste consider your mouth cavity condition as there are toothpastes for sensitive teeth or to cure caries, bleach and so on.

Mind your interdental spaces. In this case we can use dental flosses and brushes. Dental flosses are used for narrow interdental spaces, can be thread- , or stripe-shaped. Brushes are used to clean contact surfaces of teeth when interdental spaces are big (they are perfect places for bacteria). One can also use rinse elixirs. They will help to prevent inflammation, caries and will make your breath fresh.

One can massage his teeth with the toothbrush while cleaning them. It will strengthen teeth and remove microbal deposit. You can use herbal rinses but don't go too far. Excessive rinsing can cause dry mouth and provoke inflammation.

To avoid bad breath after you have eaten something you can use mouthwashes - chewing gums, drops, deodorants but their effect is temporary. While chewing a gum teeth are being mechanically cleaned and due to some components they normalize acidity of the mouth cavity. It prevents caries. If you follow all these advice you can get rid of your bad breath once and for all.

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