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Traumatic prothetic stomatitis – decubitus of mucous membrane of gum

The main cause of decubitus is lasting pressure on any part of human body. Excessive pressure leads to complicated circulation of blood through minute vessels and skin issues. Lasting pressure finally affects blood circulation in hypodermic tissues and can even cause necrosis of these tissues.

Bed sores are dangerous because they are barely seen on the skin. This, however, does not mean that the tissues are not damaged. If blood circulation has been broken, decay of different kinds of tissues begins. Bed sore is generally a disease of soft tissues, but it affects bones forming deep recesses and cavities. Such type of bed sore mostly affects ischial bone and hip joint. Bed sores must be treated as soon as they have been located. Otherwise amputation of hip joint and lower extremities is possible.

Bed sore itself is not as dangerous as its numerous complications. Inflammation of bone and periosteum (osteomyelitis and periostitis) often accompany bed sores. If bed sore has close contact with the bone, it signalizes the beginning of osteomyelitis.

At early stages of the disease, exudate from the sore is transparent. However, if the sore was infected, exudate will turn into pus with an unpleasant putrid smell.

How to treat decubitus in the mouth cavity?

Treatment of bed sore is rather simple when carried out by specialists. It is necessary to remove infection from the bed sore. The next thing to be done is forced regeneration of damaged tissues. Topical treatment is rather helpful. It is recommended to treat the damaged tissues with anti-infective agents, hypertonic solution, and bactericide agents not less than twice a day. Sterile bandages and instruments are as important as proper medicines and methods of treatment.
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